Quality and Certificates

We know that the quality is most important factor .Our team work hard to accomplish the global food safety and quality standards by following  recent rules and regulations and adopting changes quickly.

As we are aware of the importance of quality in all aspects,

Our company operate by considering standards of quality and food safety.

Our products are inspected  throughout all stages of raw material purchasing ,processing and before shipping .

In order to assure quality, our company works with accredited and well known outside labs and analyze the products at every stages including raw matrial purchasing and before shipping.

All of our products are conform with EC REG 396/2005 in terms of MRL's of pesticides.

 Our licorice root products are also conform with maximum level of Ochratoxin A (20 μg/kg).

We are offering products free of GMO and irradiation.

Our company is working with reliable suppliers that we have long term relationship as we can call partners to maintain quality .

We are always aware of changes in market and respond them quickly  regarding the quality and safety matters.

We have ISO 9001 ,ISO 22000  certificates.

Besides,  EU and NOP organic certificates from Ecocert.