About Us

26 years of Experience in Providing with High Quality Raw Materials

Kareks is the leading producer and exporter of quality assured dried natural raw materials located in Turkey .

Our company specialized in producing the highest quality of organic and conventional natural licorice root products ,dried citrus peels, dried apples and dried small unripe oranges (orangettes) and grapefruits .

We are ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and Ecocert EU/NOP certified.

We are serving to B2B industry since 1996 with continuously following and responding the customer and market needs. We are serving the industry by providing goods to spice and herbs,tea,medicinal plant ,ingredient and dried fruit producers with annual capacity of 1000 dried metric tons per year.

Our team constantly work to improve product quality and provide best service  by innovations and building long term relations with our customers.

Meet our Team

Nebil Kara (Ceo/Owner)
Nadir Kara (Production Manager)
Nora Ediboğlu (R&D Manager)
Gizem Kara (Marketing Manager)
Diana Mukannasgil (Export Manager)
Kader Yürek (Production Responsible)
Abdurrahman Güner (Logistic Responsible)
Resmiye Sakaroğlu (Office Responsible)


Since 1996, Kareks serve the industry by providing high quality ingredients to its customers world-wide. 

Our facility founded in  1500 m2 closed  and 20000 m2  open area. 

Our company process raw materials with modern equipments according to the standards of quality and food safety.

Raw materials go through different process stages as selecting, cleaning, cutting, sieveing,drying ,final packaging and quality control depending on the product type and the needs of customers.

As we are at the heart of citrus  and licorice root growing region of  Turkey , we easily source fresh and high quality raw materials from its region.Besides, we have a great control over the raw materilas that we purchase.

In order to guarantee the quality , we take representaive samples from each batch and send to accredited outside labs  for broad range of testing such as pesticides, microorganisms,heavy metals and mycotoxins and others. All of our products are conform with  EU regulations and most recent global standards.